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Set this old black heart inertia aflame.

Send it away...


They call it Stormy Monday..
You may have heard of me; or not. All you should really know is that I'm evil and will most likely end up taking over Hell. Meh, I'm just joshin' ya. I'm Zorro [or Z/Zee] and I'm pretty easy to talk to.

I love to watch MMA [UFC, Strikeforce, WEC, etc..] and my favorite fighters are Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre. I'm also a Kelly Clarkson and Incubus freak. So, if you see their faces plastered all around my journal, you know why. :P

Anything else? Yes, of course. I make my own graphics, if I really like something you make then I'll use it AND give proper credit. I also run a Avenged Sevenfold role-play site with my friend, it's called A7X Play. We roll mad deep, yo.

but Tuesday's just as bad.
Feel free to add me just be sure to comment me on my friends only entry so I can add you back. Don't be scurred. :)

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